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Evalon-V® Evalastic-V® Evalon-Solar®

This system has proved itself with a British Board of Agreement Certificate. It has a life expectancy in excess of 25 years. Alwitra® Evalon single-ply polymeric membranes are suitable for all types of flat roof construction. The roofing membrane remains permanently flexible, is bitumen compatible and is available in a range of colours.

Alwitra membranes are suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects and can be fully bonded, mechanically fastened or loose laid and ballasted. There are two in the range: Evalon, a vinyl ethylene terpolymer and Evalastic, a modified EPDM. Each is bitumen compatible and manufactured in a range of coloured sheets 25 metres long by up to 2.05 metres wide.

The Ultimate Overlay Evalon membranes are particularly suitable for overlaying existing flat or pitched, metal clad or asbestos roofs, with the minimum of disruption to existing users. Existing features, designed into the roof can be faithfully reproduced to retain the initial architectural concept within a highly competitive package.

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  • Fully bitumen compatible and compatible with all insulation boards
  • User-friendly and quick and simple to install.
  • Heat or solvent-welding effectively provides seamless roof coverings.
  • Membranes remain permanently weldable.
  • Smooth surface that does not retain dirt.
  • Light colours promote good solar reflectivity.
  • Excellent mechanical properties due to high strength and elongation.
  • Resistant solar radiation without protective coatings.
  • Suitable for the use under paviours or other load spreading layers (e.g. car parks), and roof gardens.
  • Self-extinguishing and comply with all regulations for fire resistance.
  • Resistant to Chemical pollution in the environment.
  • Compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System.
  • Resistant to root penetration (can be used in roof gardens without the need for separate root resistant membranes).
  • Low vapour diffusion resistance (trapped moisture can escape through the membrane without causing blisters).
  • Can be recycled.

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